The first underwater restaurant in Europe is signed Snøhetta

Named “Under”, this unusual restaurant designed by Snøhetta has just opened its doors in Norway.

If the concept already exists in the Maldives and Dubai, it’s a great first in Europe. Named “Under”, this underwater restaurant opened today in Lindesnes, a village on the Norwegian coast. Snøhetta, Norway’s largest architectural firm, is at the helm of this extraordinary project. Partly immersed along a steep coastline, this thick concrete monolith is built to withstand pressure and weather and, above all, adapt to its environment. Housed in a glass room 5 meters deep in the North Sea, the 40-seat restaurant offers panoramic views of the underwater world for a total immersive experience. The site also houses a research center designed to raise public awareness of marine biodiversity.

Credit from Marina Hemonet