Talking about bronze at our foundry

Original Artwork : « original » means any work of art in a molten metal alloy but there can only be a maximum of 12 copies, even if the composition or color of the alloy used are not the same for each piece.

A work in clay that is not molded and subsequently designed not to be reproduced is an artwork. If you wish to reproduce the method of molding or stamping, the same rules apply as previously. Among these original artwork, called « Artists Works, » four of them must be numbered in Roman numerals (EA I / IV, EA II / IV etc …), the other 8 are numbered in Arabic numerals (1 / 8, 2 / 8 etc …).

Make the artwork in clay in wood in metal or with wax.


An elastomer mold then a plaster mold are made. Then casting and shaping of the wax sculpture from the mold. The wall plaster mold will be covered with wax and the thickness of the wax is the same as the one of the bronze. This work requires great precision and patience. Some plaster will be poured inside to maintain the shape of the elastomer and avoid deformation due to heat and emptiness of the empty mold.

The wax sculpture is removed from the mold. It is then signed, dated and numbered by the artist and stamped by the bronze casting company.

A new ceramic mold is made from the wax sculpture. This mold will be covered with ceramic fragments, then dried.

Thereafter the ceramic mold filled with wax is placed in the oven. The wax will melt and give way to an empty mold in which the bronze will be poured into.

once out from the ovenand getiing colder its time to remove the plaster protection and reach the final piece by cleanning it, the once completly cleaned, time to finish the surface properly with a welder.

As soon as the all surface is cleanned without harchness the selected color patina is added with chemical products, to give a proper oxydation which brings the desired finishing patina.
The patina gives life to the sculpture, and the artwork is ready for the spectator to admire it.