it’s indicated if …

* you have not played sports for a long time
* You are looking for a tonic activity or can help you lose weight.

We walk for health

It is the sport par excellence, accessible to all, full of virtues and without any undesirable effect! One of the easiest activities to practice.

A walk of health

What distinguishes basic walking (when one makes one’s commissions for example) of his sports declinason, it is “the search for speed” explains E Lassale, professional walker. To advance at a pace between 5 and 7.5km / h, here is an effort for all and proven benefits: lowering of blood pressure, weight loss, strengthening of the immune system, improvement of the cardiovascular system … not to mention the euphoric effect of the release of endorphins, that any endurance exercise generates. No risk of muscle or tendon trauma because we always have contact with the ground. Go (finally walk) to the next gear!

A step-by-step session

Everyone knows how to put one foot in front of the other. But as soon as we aim for acceleration, the swinging motion of the arms is crucial. There is a tendency to squeal your upper body and your fists, but you must keep your hands relaxed, your back straight and your gaze fixed at about twenty meters in front of you. Bend your elbows 90 degrees then pull them backwards without too much forward, to benefit from a propulsive movement “advises a specialist Respected side, find your according to the cadence of your arms.
You have never played sports? plan two to three outings of up to forty five minutes per week. You will quickly pass an hour walk. The more trained can count on two weekly sessions of two hours, as the candidates for weight loss, who slow down but walk longer. Whichever formula you choose, warm up gently and end with stretching.

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Another advantage of walking sports: it is practiced everywhere (bitumen, sand, road, forest …) and at any time. Building a small group can make the exercise even more fun, especially since this effort should not prevent you from speaking without being out of breath. For advice from a collective energy specialist, contact an Health Coaching to practice with.

Well in his shoes

no considerable investment: comfortable clothing (T-shirt, jacket, raincoat, jogging or legging ..) and light, flexible and flat shoes (avoid running with a hollow arch) will suffice. To check your tempo download a free walking apps there’s a plenty of them free.