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Wanlop Hunsunthai
Born in 1978, Chiangmai, Thailand


When we talk about the Nature, most of the people will tend to think of mountains, trees, forests. However, when we observes and learn from the small things which most people overlooked, we will discover the amazing meaning of the nature complexity, which originated from a simple structure and small starting point to the end of nothing under an important variable that cause the complexity of all things is called time.

Working refer to the benefits and values of humanity and artwork refers to the purpose of the living life, and learning the rules from the Nature.

That reminds us that we are not different from the nature, but help us to understand the real meaning and the value of life from the small thing called “Nature”.

I became interested in arts work and presenting them from the concept of being the one with all things, nature, surrounding and me. Therefore, it has been an inspiration for every piece of artwork made.

Francois Renno – Sculpteur, Digital Painter – Born 1961, Toulon, France

Francois Renno
Sculpteur, Digital Painter Born 1961, Toulon, France

Painter and sculptor with a unique concept.
Always curious and a perfectionist, he has collected several diplomas, among which include: Lycée d’Art of Perpignan, Histoire de l’art moderne (HEART), and Formateur Autocad, Sculpturis, Zbrush (APMA).
He gained artistic experience in the United States while under contract for a subsidiary of a large French company in the luxury industry. As a graphics, industrial, and sculptural arts designer for important artists of the time, François’s work was featured in shows in New York, Boston, Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Berlin and Ajaccio.

In 2015, François received the Special Jury Award from Boston City Hall. During that same year, he also created a 3D+ digital arts concept.

Son travail artistique, qu’il  qualifie d’Art Synoptic’, transfigure des idées simples en représentations
ordonnées au travers de formes figuratives. Les œuvres sont orchestrées autour de différents thèmes
qui se déclinent sur plusieurs axes tels que l’humanité, la dualité, le paradoxe de l’instant, le sixième sens …  dans une recherche permanente de l’équilibre et du bon sens. Son regard sur le monde se situe aux limites des conventions et des lieux communs. Il travaille sur le spectre de ce qui est visible, moins dans les couleurs que dans l’expression de la représentation. Il souhaite permettre à l ’œil du
spectateur d’aller plus loin que le conceptuel et des idées reçues.
Chaque thème qu’il considère est développé sur une série de plusieurs pièces, travaillées dans une gamme de matériaux et de médias, selon le thème. Chaque thème est également une source d’inspiration supplémentaire, toujours orientée vers l’humanité
et notre rôle dans le présent.


Supattanawadee Muanta ,

Painter, Bangkok, Thailand

In Thailand, the conventional perception is that the human form is classified as either male or female. Laws, regulations, and social and religious customs, as a result, are fashioned after this gender binary model, to the exclusion of alternative gender identities such as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. This third group is therefore alienated from society and faces a host of existential issues on a daily and practical basis. They struggle to live as they are, and have no right to marriage, child adoption, or even access to many jobs in the government sector because of their gender identity. Most painful of all, is their non-acceptance from loved ones.
My alternative gender identity is not accepted by my close relatives and family. This creates a state of unease within me that is further exacerbated by the negative stereotypes they harbor about people of the third gender. With them, I can neither talk about my identity nor be myself. For these reasons, printmaking is a non-judgmental outlet that allows me to express visually what I cannot share verbally with the people closest to me. I hope my art will help spark a conversation and understanding about the third gender, not only within my immediate circle, but in society as well.