About The Artist

A Mediterranean, secular artist who has a contemporary view of the meaning of reality, the instant, the point at which permanence and impermanence converge.

His work invites the viewer to reflect upon his or her surroundings and the need to find better ways to live together.  The subjects he’s addressed are chosen to convey strong, contemporary messages.

It’s own self-searching has led   him to underline the importance of differentiating ourselves in order to join forces and act together for a better world.

Its travels around the world have led him to the following conclusion:

We are humanity. So let us build hope together.

Francois's Exhibitions

At GLENCH Art Meeting gallery. Permanent exhibition.
The Night Bazaar Inn hotel. Permanent exibition.
At 137 Pillars. Regular exhition.

Synoptic Art

With an instinct for what Humanity matter, he create his work by uncovering what live at the core material and shaping the concepts to guide the viewer to their own personal and emotional connections.

Francois Renno new catalog released !
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