François RENNO

It was in 2009, when the artistic director of the biennale of Quenza in southern Corsica offered me to make a sculpture on the theme of “man and nature” that the adventure began.
My work invites the viewer to reflect on what surrounds him and the need to live better together. The themes addressed are meant to carry strong and current messages. Personal introspection leads me to stress the importance of differentiating to better come together and act together for a better world. Traveling around the world led me to the following observation: Humanity is us. Let’s become the builders of hope.
My artistic work, which I call ‘Art Synoptic’, transfigures simple ideas into ordered representations through figurative forms. The works are orchestrated around different themes that are spread over several axes such as humanity, duality, the paradox of the moment, the sixth sense … in a permanent search for balance and common sense. My view of the world lies at the limits of conventions and commonplaces. I work on the spectrum of what is visible, less in the colors than in the expression of the representation. I wish to allow the viewer’s eye to go further than the conceptual and received ideas.

Digigraphy is a high quality printing technique equivalent to lithography, and allows artists to edit limited series  of very high quality.

Oil and acrylic are used by Francois to creates on the canvas the masterpieces which are included in its scenes.

Resine, wood, metal, brass and bronze are used to creates pieces which are includes in its scene.